For most companies, choosing a location for their headquarters is a must. This not only ensures legality when registering a business, increases reliability for customers, and also makes it easy for departments to connect and exchange work to bring about better efficiency. But it is not a job. Every company has the qualifications to own an independent headquarters. Therefore, the optimal solution is rental offices located in buildings.

Currently, renting offices in large buildings for company headquarters and employee workplaces is an option used by many companies because of the benefits this brings. In this article, Qualitas DC will clarify the advantages and disadvantages of this form.

1. Benefits of renting offices in buildings

1.1. Create professional images

An office in a large and professional building will help create a good image for the company, helping businesses make a good impression on customers and partners at first sight when visiting.

1.2. Convenient

Renting offices in large buildings also brings many available amenities such as:

+ Fire prevention: Businesses do not need to worry about fire prevention issues. All buildings are constructed in strict compliance with fire prevention and fighting and have full fire alarm and extinguishing systems installed.

+ Cleaning services: In some large buildings, there are systems of professional cleaning staff such as cleaning, window cleaning, ventilation systems, deodorizing, etc.

+ Other amenities: Depending on the buildings, there are also other conveniences such as elevators, reception, shopping areas,…

1.3. Safe and secure

All buildings have strict security forces. All actions entering or exiting the building or transporting goods are also checked. Therefore, renting offices in buildings brings high safety and security, avoiding cases of theft and vandalism.

1.4. Cost savings

Renting an office in a building helps save maximum costs for small and medium-sized companies or companies in the start-up stage. Expenses can include:

+ Expenses related to protection, maintenance and repair.

+ Fire prevention and fighting costs

+ Parking fee

+ Cleaning costs.

According to some buildings, businesses only need to pay the office rental fee, which will include accompanying utilities at no additional cost. This will bring huge advantages to businesses compared to having to build from scratch.

2. Disadvantages of renting offices in buildings

Renting offices in buildings has outstanding advantages suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. However, there are also disadvantages such as CAN NOT EXPAND AREA

Limited area is the biggest disadvantage when renting offices in buildings. Businesses cannot expand their area without permission from the building management board.

Some buildings divide rental offices into cells. If there is another company next to you renting, you will not be able to expand the space to expand the scale. This causes a big obstacle when your company needs to recruit more personnel.

3. How to choose the right office

Qualitas DC will tell you some ways to choose the right office for your business.

3.1. Choose buildings in convenient locations

Choosing offices in buildings located in central locations with convenient transportation is a priority. If your business is located in easy-to-find locations, the chances of customers visiting and being satisfied will be higher. This helps businesses operate effectively

3.2. Choose buildings with appropriate areas

Your business needs to have a specific operating plan over a long period of time to balance and choose offices with appropriate areas according to the development roadmap.
Design accurate office layouts to come up with appropriate plans for departments, meeting rooms, etc.

3.3. Choose buildings for reasonable rental costs

If your business does not have enough budget to rent offices in large buildings, consider other options. You should plan your long-term budget according to the company’s operating roadmap to set appropriate rental costs.
You should consult and choose buildings according to your business’s needs.

3.4. Choose buildings with good amenities

The building should have full amenities such as security, protection, cleaning, and maintenance. Thereby ensuring convenience and safety for employees and customers when working.


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