Super glue is generally a familiar product to most people. It can fix almost anything in your home — temporary or minor repairs, of course. With ingredients containing extremely strong adhesive cyanoacrylate makes super glue can stick items with many different materials.

Also the strong adhesive, if you accidentally spill the super glue on your hand, or touch the super glue on the object, it will be difficult for you to remove it, it may even cause burns. But don’t worry, it’s not impossible to remove it. In this article, Qualitas DC will share with you a few ways to remove super glue from your hands.

Steps to remove super glue


HAND PRO is a hand washing product that specializes in removing stubborn stains such as crude oil, machinery lubricants, tree sap, asphalt and especially super glue.

The product contains fine particles that clean between fingers without harming the skin. It also contains glycerin and emollient agents to help prevent skin dryness. Rinses off quickly with water without leaving a greasy feeling. Active substances that inhibit bacterial infection protect you from pathogens. Pleasant natural orange fragrance.

Reference: HAND PRO

Using Acetone

If you have super glue on your skin, the best thing to do is get some acetone – an ingredient found in many nail polish removers. Then follow these steps:

Apply a little acetone on the glued skin.
Gently separate the skin. Note: Don’t pull too hard – you could tear the skin.
Wash the area where the glue has just been removed with soap and water.
Apply lotion to your skin to prevent it from drying out.

=> Note: You should only use a sufficient amount of Acetone in general or nail polish remover in particular to remove super glue. Because nail polish oil contains many toxic substances that are dangerous to users.

Soak in warm soapy water

If the super glue is not completely dry, soak the glued area in warm soapy water. Then gently rub and peel it off the skin. Do not continue if it causes pain as it may tear your skin.

=> Note: Do not use cloth or paper towels to wipe the glue, as they may cause the anhydrous flakes to stick to your skin.

Butter and oils

Butter and oil, such as coconut or olive oil, can help separate sticky fingers with super glue.

Try soaking the leather in warm water first, then apply oil or butter to the super glue to dissolve them. Massage the area evenly until the glue is gone.


The acid in lemon juice can help remove super glue. This remedy works best on microscopic patches of glue and to separate the skin that sticks together.

Pour lemon juice into a bowl and soak the skin for 5-10 minutes. Then, use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to rub the lemon juice directly onto the area. Rub your skin with a dry towel to loosen the glue, then wash your hands and moisturize.

Glue remover

Some craft and materials stores carry products that can quickly remove superglue without damaging the skin. However, some people may experience skin irritation from these glue removers.

These products can also be very flammable and give off a strong odor, so people should use them with caution. Similar to acetone, it can also interact with hydrogen peroxide. For leather glued to plastic, try glue remover instead of acetone, as acetone can damage and discolor some plastic materials.

Above are some effective ways to remove super glue stains from skin. In which, we recommend HAND PRO because it not only removes super glue stains but also removes many common stubborn stains. The product must remove the glue quickly without harming the skin of the hands and leave a pleasant orange scent after use.

Super glue is very handy in life but you should be careful when using it. Observe safety measures when using. In worse cases when using super glue such as sticking to the mouth, eyes, etc. You should immediately contact a doctor for timely treatment.


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