If you’re a mechanic, engineer, or even able to fix your own car or motorbike, it’s inevitable that you’ll get grease on your hands. And you probably know how difficult it is to remove grease and oil from your hands and nails. No matter how much you wash your hands, these stains can last a long time, especially around your fingers and fingernails.

Some hand cleaner products on the market cannot remove these grease stains. So some people are still using other detergents such as kerosene, gasoline, washing powder, etc. These substances remove oil and grease more effectively than conventional hand sanitizer products, but leave many negative effects. desirable such as skin damage, environmental impact, etc. or moreover, it can cause fire and explosion, etc.

So choosing a hand cleaner to remove grease on your hands is a necessity. In this article, Qualitas DC will suggest you some tips for choosing the right degreasing hand sanitizer.

Effectively remove oil stains

The first thing, of course, is to choose a product that effectively removes all the grease and dirt on your hands. Some hand cleaner products available in the market have an extremely attractive smell but are not really effective. These products may have a nice scent and look, but they don’t work very well at removing grease stains – so try to stay away from those cleaners. We should pay more attention to the ingredients, since the main purpose is to get a perfectly clean hand.

Look for products specifically designed for degreasing hands. Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are brands specializing in the production of products for degreasing hands. Although there are not many brands, you will easily find them on the internet or in stores selling manufacturing, mechanical, etc. These products are not difficult to distinguish from other common hand cleaner products.


The next important thing is safety for users and the environment. Some products use harsh chemicals to effectively clean grease stains. But these chemicals can damage the skin of your hands.

Be sure to check the product’s ingredient label and look for solvents, parabens, and petroleum. If you see any of these ingredients on product labels, try to avoid these products even if they’re just free samples. This is because these ingredients in the long term can cause irritation or carcinogenic properties for your skin and health in the future.

Skin moisturizing

If your hands tend to be dry or sensitive, degreasing hand sanitizers with moisturizing ingredients are perfect for you. The top layer of our skin is called the stratum corneum and acts as a primary protective layer. However, frequent hand washing with repeated exposure to water, soap and detergents can break down this layer. When the stratum corneum or top layer of skin is damaged, your hands can become flaky and red, and easily absorb oil and harmful substances. In that case, it will be much harder for you to remove the stain from your hands.

It would be helpful to use a hand moisturizer after washing your hands, but what can benefit your skin even more is a hand sanitizer that moisturizes your skin while you wash it. Dry and sensitive skin needs ingredients that provide a higher concentration of emollients and humectants like vitamin E, glycerine, and urea. Ingredients like vitamin E not only hydrate the skin, but also promote skin healing and calm redness.

Contains fine particles

Stubborn product lubricants are difficult to remove, especially oils such as crude oil, oil containing dirt. So, rubbing your hands together doesn’t seem to be enough. In addition, substances in hand sanitizer can cause slippery, reducing friction between the two hands, making it even more difficult to remove oil.

Currently on the market there are a number of products containing fine particles that increase friction during washing. This helps to clean the degreasing hands quickly and economically.

Good deodorant

Oil and other stubborn dirt often have an unpleasant odor. Hand sanitizer products on the market all have a very attractive smell. But sometimes they do not have the feature to remove unpleasant odors from lubricants. Adding fragrance to greasy hands is sometimes counterproductive. The smell of oil mixed with the scent of hand sanitizer will create an unpleasant smell. So give preference to products with good deodorizing properties.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right degreaser hand cleaner. You can consult. Qualitas DC’s all-in-one HAND PRO has all the features you need. The product not only cleans oil stains but also removes other stubborn stains such as tree sap, 502 glue and even crude oil, etc.

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